Praising God… African style!

Happy Sunday everyone! Introducing you to Gloria Muliro, a Gospel musician and songwriter. She debuted in 2005 when she released her first studio album titled Omwami Aletsa. Besides music, she founded The Gloria Muliro Foundation which caters for children who need help.

Sung in Swahili)

Where you go I go, where you stay I stay
Where you move I move, I will follow you

Verse 1:
Unaponipeleka mie, (Wherever you’re taking me)
Si lazima nijue (It’s not a must that I know)
Unachoniwazia mie, (Your plans for me)
Si lazima nijue (It’s not a must that )
Njia zako hakika, (Your ways are right,)
mambo yako sambaba (Your works are good)
Mipango yako sawa sawa (Your plans are perfect)


Hakuna dhiki (kwako) [There is no troubles there]
Hakuna chuki (kwako) wala unafiki (No hate or hypocrisy)
(kwako, Baba kwako)[In Heaven]
Mi marafiki,(kwako) [Only friendship]
kuna amani (kwako, Baba kwako) [and there is peace]
Hakuna vita, (kwako) hakuna magonjwa(kwako) [There is no war, or diseases]
wala talaka(kwako, Baba kwako) [or divorce (in heaven)]
Kuna upendo tele, (kwako) furaha (kwako), [There is love, and joy]
umoja (kwako, Baba kwako) [And unity (in Heaven)]





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