Pgcps Health Director Placed on Leave as Thousands of Students Need Immunizations

Profile on the new head of the Anne Arundel County Health Department, Dr. Angela Wakhkeya.

Dr. Angela Wakhweya

Prince George’s County Public Schools placed its health director on leave for mismanagement that includes student immunizations.

More than 3,000 of about 129,000 students have not been immunized in Prince George’s County.
In Montgomery County, only 9 of 156,000 have not been immunized, and in Charles County, it’s 2 of 26,280 students.

School CEO Kevin Maxwell hired Dr. Angela Wakhweya in 2013. She previously worked alongside Maxwell when he was superintendent of Anne Arundel County Public Schools and she was the head of the county’s health department. Wakaweya was fired from that position for reasons not quite clear, but including a lack of confidence in her leadership, according to reports.

Proof of immunizations is required by Wednesday or students without immunizations will be asked to stay out of school until they are in compliance.

Via NBC 4



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