More PGCPS parents report transportation issues involving their kids

“This is multiple children not being placed in the right place, not being put where they should be going,” said Brown. “I just feel like that is very, very bogus. That shouldn’t happen.”

It happened just one day after two other Clinton Grove students were mistakenly put on buses and sent home to empty houses instead of being placed in after school care.

“We definitely are putting things in place to ensure that our students arrive to school, and at dismissal, arrive home safely,” said Prince George’s County Public Schools spokesperson Sherrie Johnson. “So we definitely are reviewing our procedures and our plans to make sure that all students are safe at all times.”

Should parents expect to not see anymore issues?

“We are certainly going to work towards that,” said Johnson. “That is our top priority.”

Tyvonda Downing contacted FOX 5 about her eighth grader, Miles, who attends Thurgood Marshall Middle School. She said that his school bus has yet to show up the morning in the first three days of the school year.

“I’m just getting excuses after excuse after excuse,” Downing said. “Today, Miles got at the bus stop at 7:48 [a.m.] and stayed there until 9:10[a.m.]. No bus.”



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