Prince George’s county citizens on Twitter launch #Operation#TakeItToTheBoard.


Prince George’s county citizens on social media on Thursday launched a campaign to demand that the Board of Education for Prince Georgés county launch a student review Board with equal decision making power, be put in place to oversee decisions made by the school board affecting the curriculum, and funding for schools. Operation led by Ms. Erika Totten also issued a statement in solidarity with Oxon Hill High School students and their right to freedom of speech and expression; thus pursuant to the 1969 Supreme Court ruling Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, 393 U.S. 503 (1969).

They also empathized  with the #BlackLivesMatter Movement following the various shootings and death of black males in various parts of the United States. (See screenshots below). The students were upset after their artwork was taken down unceremoniously after being in display in school campus for more than two weeks without complaint. The protest has now been given more momentum after the area Board member who has been quiet for many months joined in. Mr. Edward Burrough has indicated that, he is going to take action. He stated on his twitter handle that, “Disappointed in decision by at . As Chair of the Policy Committee I plan a full review ” (See screenshot below).

Later in the day Mr. Burrough added that, “Students at deserved better from and as ur board member I will fight to hold admin accountable ” The tweet had been retweeted 74 times by the time of going to the press.

The Twitter users accused members of the Board of Education for Prince George’s County of myriads of issues ranging from misuse of funds to the dislike of the county Executive for mismanaging the county and raising taxes without citizenry consent.  Others accuse the current regime led by Mr. Rushern Baker III of being dishonest and upholding mediocrity in place of competence.

Under the hashtag #TakeItToTheBoard and #DonttakeItdown, Prince George’s County citizenry on Twitter rallied behind Erika Totten and others, who appears  determined to challenge the unorthodox means of suppressing the students’ rights in Prince George’s County.




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