Prince George’s school board member announces resignation Plans

… pursue degree in education


PGCPS District 7 school board member Lyn Mundey.

School Board member Lyn J. Mundey (Dist. 7) of Upper Marlboro announced June 1 that she is resigning from the Prince George’s County school board prior to the start of the next school year.

“This is not a decision made in haste. The work that I’ve done has galvanized me to do work that brings me closer to the students,” Mundey said. “It really is bittersweet. I’ve learned a lot in my two years on the board.”

Mundey said she will be pursuing a doctorate in education at Walden University, an online college based in Minneapolis, Minn., and taking her experiences on the school board to a different level.

“I want to eventually move from the work I’ve been doing with the government as an internal auditor to working in education full-time,” Mundey said. “I find that what excites me is to be impactful in the lives of students day-to-day.”

During her tenure on the board, Mundey founded an annual Boardwalk Event to promote wellness for students, staff and the community, founded a “Write-On Writing Workshop” beginning in the fall, to support students in grades six through 12 in becoming better writers, and served on a number of committees.

“The Prince George’s County Board of Education extends its appreciation to Lyn Mundey for her service as a Board of Education Member in District Seven over the past two years. We thank her for the service and we wish her the best in future endeavors,” board chair Segun Eubanks said in an email statement Tuesday.

Mundey’s resignation will be effective Aug. 24, unless someone is appointed to fill her seat before that date, so as to provide a smooth transition and continue representation in her district, Mundey said.

Board member Edward Burroughs (Dist. 8) said Mundey was a valuable independent voice on the board.

“In an environment where you’re pressured to ‘go along to get along,’ she always put kids at the forefront,” Burroughs said. “I know that she is going to return more equipped to fight for the kids she cares so deeply about when she gets her Ph.D. in education.”

Mundey’s resignation is the second for her district in two years. Mundey was appointed to the board in August 2013 by County Executive Rushern L. Baker (D) following the July resignation of former District 7 board member Carletta Fellows.

Fellows resigned citing personal reasons after clashing with the board on several issues, including her use of her board-issued credit card.

Under legislation passed by the General Assembly in 2013, Baker has authority to appoint members to the board to fill any vacancies.

Mundey’s seat will come up for election in November 2016.

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  1. I am in complete amazement that this is the first Board member facing criminal charges. Every Board member that used their credit cards after telling the public they would be destroyed should be facing charges!

    The Board does nothing to clean up the criminal activity in the system. As a matter of fact, they cover-up and ignore obvious cases of fraud and deception. Increased Accountability? No more like, Increased Crouptability with better Coverupability!

    There have been numerous accounts and reports of illegal activity involving the current and former Board chair and they are both still there, not to me mention, the crouption involving the school Departments and Purchasing. These issues have been outlined in multiple audits, employees and vendors speaking at Board meetings and they still remain!! For some reason, they are protected by the higher levels, employees get fired and the children suffer!!

    The only reason Ms. Mundey was likely caught, she ticked off the chair, county executive , or COO.

    Think people, how would the Director of Food services not pick up That a Board members child was on free lunch? She attends Board meetings and it’s not like the child’s has a common name like Smith!

    Where is the attorney general, where is the Dept. Of Education, where is the Comptroller, where is the FBI, and where are YOU tax payers? Write your representatives, the comptroller and President but stop letting this crouption fill the pockets of the Board members and Administrators but Steal our children of a decent education.

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