Del. Herb McMillan, R-Annapolis, pushes for a bill to suspend construction of cell towers…

…on public school property for one year starting June 1, 2015


Member of the Maryland House of Delegates
from the 30th district

At the delegation meeting, Del. Herb McMillan, R-Annapolis, pushed for a bill to suspend construction of cell towers on public school property for one year starting June 1.

The measure would not affect four proposals in the pipeline. The county has one completed cell tower, at Broadneck High School.

The bill is not supported by the school board and schools Superintendent George Arlotto, schools spokesman Bob Mosier said.

The school system was also the focus of a bill by Del. Sid Saab, R-Crownsville, that would establish a partly elected, partly appointed school board.

Bills aimed at creating an elected school board have been discussed before. But under Saab’s measure, seven members would be elected for up to two terms from each of the county’s councilmanic districts.

Saab said this would ensure better local representation on the board. It would also add two members to the panel.

Delegation Chairwoman Pam Beidle, D-Linthicum, said she was concerned that the bill would allow the county executive to appoint the chair of the nominating commission and appoint three members to the school board, a task the governor currently has.

Beidle said this would give the county executive, who also has authority over the schools’ operating and capital budgets, too much authority over the system.

“There can be such conflict within the budget process and you’re leaving it all with the county executive,” Beidle said. “You’ve given him even more power.”

Saab, who was elected last year, said the issue of more public input into the selection of school board members came up over and over on the campaign trail.

Now, he told the panel, “It is time to do something about it.”

Sources: Capital Gazette. 



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