Charges filed in Suitland High School student beating.


Drequan Yates

SUITLAND, Md. (WUSA9) — Charges have been filed against two juveniles involved in a fight at Suitland High School that put a 16-year-old student in the hospital, according to the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office.

A family member of 16-year-old Drequan Yates, who was beaten up in the fight, says he is now back home. Yates’ jaw is wired shut and it will remain that way for approximately 8 to 10 weeks, according to the family member.

Yates was beaten Friday in a school hallway during a fight. The mother of one of the students involved in the incident says Yates stepped in to protect her daughter.

Drequan Yates underwent five hours of surgery Monday, according to a tweet from a family member.

It is unclear who started this fight and what happened.

Parents say they are concerned and they say this is a pattern. In fact, the mother of the girl involved from the fight says these problems are nothing new. She said her daughter has had problems with one of the children in the school all year long. She says she reported it to the school and nothing has been done.

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Dr. Kevin Maxwell seemed like a good fit in the very beginning but has proved himself to be something else. He is clearly being used by Mr. Rushern Baker regime and others for selfish motives including for high salaries at the expense of poor children and for improper influence within PGCPS District. Every time he gets criticized for making mistakes, the county leadership or some other external forces promotes him for some kind of an award to confuse the public everything is ok.  In the meantime, kids are suffering through endless fights and everything is being kept hush hush as scandals swell. Where is the outrage?


Mr. Rushern Baker –The current County Executive for Prince George’s County is known not to be a man of his word according to Prince George’s County NAACP Chapter and is deeply involved in the scandal comprising Dr. kevin Maxwell. Lately, he appears busy lining up his pockets. What happened to common decency?




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