Big losses for the Labor Unions in Election 2014.


The little man verses the Big labor and the mismanagement of union dues for political agglomeration is a major violation of worker’s rights. Union lack of representation in the face of Bullying supervisors in the PGCPS District was a major factor in 2014 election cycle in Maryland.  Employers don’t care about the bullying at work including in Prince George’s County where unions are compromised by Mr. Rushern Baker III.

Tuesday’s dominant electoral performance by the GOP was hardly surprising. For weeks, most experts predicted that Republicans would gain considerable ground in the House and overtake control of the Senate. Legitimately up for grabs, however, were a string of gubernatorial races that had huge implications for the organized labor movement which in many places including Maryland is controlled by corrupt union officials including MSEA.

The outcome of most of these races, much like the rest of the night, did not bode well for the left.

In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker defeated Mary Burke, despite being the poster boy for the destruction of collective bargaining. In Michigan, Rick Snyder also won his race decisively, enabling him to use his next term to double down on the anti-union right-to-work laws that he’s been advocating for four years.

In Illinois, venture capitalist Bruce Rauner defeated Pat Quinn with a campaign explicitly targeted against unions and traditional public schools. Even Democratic gubernatorial winners like Gina Raimondo have questionable relationships to labor, with the governor-elect having a history of supporting pension cuts for the state’s workers.

Election Night 2014 was a huge loss not only for Democrats, but for organized labor everywhere in the United States as we have highlighted in our blogs in the last few months. Tuesday’s elections were a stern reminder that the labor movement must prepare itself for an even more ugly, bitter and politically powered force of opposition.

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union corruption around the world has become a major problem for workers and especially in Prince George’s County District in particular where County Executive Mr. Rushern Baker III has turned them into pig banks starting with ASASP Union, PGCEA, MSEA, ACE- AFSCME Local 2250 and others .


Rushern Baker - Appears to be driving corruption to new heights

Rushern Baker III – Appears to be driving corruption to new heights

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