Dr. Kevin Maxwell takes a bizarre turn!

…defends principal accused of harassing staff. Maxwell thinks the racist behavior is ok!


Dr. Kevin Maxwell seemed like a good fit in the very beginning but has proved himself to be something else. He is clearly being used by Mr. Rushern Baker regime and others for selfish motives and improper influence within PGCPS District.  

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (AP) — The Prince George’s County school board will go to court to defend a high school principal against allegations that she bullied and belittled her teachers and staff.

Former Largo High School employees have alleged Principal Angelique Simpson-Marcus routinely made inappropriate comments to teachers and staff.

The allegations have resulted in multiple lawsuits. Last month a jury awarded former English teacher, Jon Everhart, $350,000 after he filed a discrimination lawsuit accusing Simpson-Marcus of telling other staff not to associate with him because he is white.

Former employees filed a joint lawsuit in 2010. Among the allegations was that Simpson-Marcus would call secretaries by names including “hood rat” and “chicken head.” She is also accused of discriminating against employees based on race.

Read more: http://www.wjla.com/articles/2014/09/prince-goerge-s-county-schools-defends-principal-accused-of-harassing-staff-107389.html#ixzz3E8Iuy37S
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Remember when Mr. Baker appoints someone he controls the puppet strings. Dr. Maxwell is just a “yes man”! It’s all about lining his pockets. We must say no to this unethical practice and demand proper changes from our leaders. Many thanks to those leaders who have stood up to this bullying and relentless harassment like Mr. Bob Ross and Council Woman Mary A. Lehman. We appreciate them for standing up for what is right.  Mr. Eubanks is late with the Prince George’s County Public Schools Board of Education meetings each week. Something is clearly wrong with him. He seems clueless for being in charge of PGCPS BOE.

Dr. Maxwell, Prince George’s County gets a bad rap all the time because of high level corruption, nepotism and professional misconduct involving many of their leaders and the bribing of local judges in Circuit Court system. By covering up this problem,  you are only adding fuel to the fire.  Make it right or don’t be surprised you are out of a job yourself in the near future. We deserve nothing but the very best in the County. Otherwise, start looking for another job together with anyone else involved in this cover up!

Prince George’s County belongs to all of us. The equal right to land and natural resources is a fundamental human right.


Several staff members taught there for several years. Many of them witnessed reverse discrimination and ethnic cleansing in PGCPS system first hand. Not to imply that all African Americans in PGCPS are racist. There were many decent and competent teachers and administrators of all races, but the discrimination many of us witnessed was against the whites, immigrants and others by a few African American administrators many of them still running the show like Simpson Marcus of Largo High school

The real question is why the board has not fired Simpson Marcus for the racist comments and actions? Time for a new principal at Largo.

Black racism is the biggest untold story in the US today.” Yes, definitely, black racism is a huge problem.

For Dr. Kevin Maxwell to cover up the issues is purely wrong and criminal.

“Everhart said Simpson Marcus told students she would change their grades to ensure that every student passed his class. Also, many of the teachers said, Simpson-Marcus said that “the only reason a white teacher would teach in P.G. is that they can’t get a job somewhere else.

A light-skinned science teacher in Prince George’s County says he didn’t get promoted because his supervisor prefers dark-skinned teachers. An African immigrant in the information technology department says he has been mocked by African Americans.

Bravo, PG County. You officially suck.

One of the highest-funded federally-funded school districts in the US.


Racism is wrong.

Racism is wrong because everyone is the same and should be treated equal. Whether you’re African American, Mexican, white etc. If you were to cut yourself you will bleed red everyone does there is no difference everyone is the same. Same as if you’re rich or poor you will still die and will be buried in the ground and Covered in dirt. Just because people are of different skin color that does not make them different from another human being. Even if scientific distinctions between races could be made, the idea of a “pure” race is fiction. The New Encyclopedia Britannica observes: “There are no pure races; all racial groups currently existing are thoroughly mixed.” Whatever the case, the Bible teaches that God “made out of one man every nation of men.” (Acts 17:26) Regardless of skin color, hair texture, or facial features, there is really just one race—the human race. All humans are related through our forefather Adam.

As stated before in the blogs, whenever you have a significant number of staff and teachers saying the same thing about Principal Angelique Simpson-Marcus and others in the system – there’s something to it. We don’t know what, of course – but you just don’t get that many people independently agreeing on a person’s behavior without that person having done something to merit it. Why her and others mentioned in our blogs? Mostly because these people have everything to lose and nothing to gain by accusing the principal or an administrator of bullying – why would they do it unless there was some truth to it.

Here are three reasons why discrimination is wrong:

  1.  The person who is being discriminated against is not being given a chance to proof him/herself but instead the person or persons are stuck with “What if…..” which makes that person feel like he/she is not an equal or part of the American Society.
  2. Discrimination does nothing but cause more bitterness and hatred in society than what we already have.
  3. The Declaration of Independence states “All men (women) are created equal” and that “Every person has the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.”

However, the following does not mean anything to some people in the American society because the U.S. Constitution has become a sad joke but….

4.  The U.S. Constitution states “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

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Largo High School Principal Angelique Simpson-Marcus. (Photo: PGCPS)

Prince George's County

Prince George’s County

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