Major Corruption underway in PGCPS.


Many leaders get to the top by imposing their will on others, even destroying people standing in their way. When they reach to the top, they may be paranoid that others are trying to knock them off their pedestal. Sometimes they develop an impostor complex, caused by deep insecurities that they are not good enough and may be unmasked.

To prove they are not impostors, they drive so hard for perfection that they are incapable of acknowledging their failures. When confronted by them, they convince themselves and others that these problems are neither their fault nor their responsibility. Or they look for scapegoats to blame for their problems. Using their power, charisma, and communications skills, they force people to accept these distortions, causing entire organizations to lose touch with reality….

At this stage leaders are vulnerable to making big mistakes, such as violating the law or putting their organizations’ existence at risk. Their distortions convince them they are doing nothing wrong, or they rationalize that their deviations are acceptable to achieve a greater good.

When leaders such Mr. Rushern Baker in Prince George’s County focus on external gratification instead of inner satisfaction, they lose their grounding. Often they reject the honest critic who speaks truth to power. Instead, they surround themselves with sycophants who tell them what they want to hear. Over time, they are unable to engage in honest dialogue; others learn not to confront them with reality. This is one reason why we are demanding change in leadership in Prince George’s County.

Some Prince George’s County citizens want to glorify Mr. Rushern Baker for running a 5k this last weekend and for running in the past, but we don’t see him talking about corruption, racism and nepotism in local government. The County Executive Rushern Baker can do better than running around!

In any case, a time has come for the Mr. Rushern Baker to face a reality check whether opposed or unopposed in the June 24, 2014 election. Mr. Rushern Baker and anybody else who might be involved in deep seated corruption affecting close to one (1) million Prince George’s County citizens must go! We have had enough. Enough is Enough.



Dr. Kevin Maxwell got a hefty $90,000 golden hand shake on the way out from Anne Arundel County Public Schools and $1 million sign up with guess whose pot cash bonuses?  – PGCPS. What does this guy promise to do for us? Is this performance based appointment? Even wall street sets performance goals. The last time we checked with our school performances, we cannot surely in this economy blow cash on these willy nilly appointments for sure.  Dr. Maxwell was indirectly a subject of the Maryland legislature in the last session for the $90,000 he took with him. (Read more)


Ms. Monica Goldson  Public Enemy Number 1 – Chief Operating Officer for Prince George’s County controls millions of dollars on behalf of  other conspirators. She is the Architect of mismanagement involving public funds currently underway in Prince George’s county Public schools which is facilitated by ASASP Union (the union)  fueling the fire.  


Dr. Segun Eubanks (Courtesy of the National Education Association)…is brother – in -Law to Mr. Rushern Baker. Talent usually runs in families but this one takes the cake. If this is a sample of Top Executive team that Mr. Baker has assembled for Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS), then GOD HELP US. Only a miracle can rescue us from this mess. Dr. Segun is identified with weak financial controls within Prince George’s county school District and has been smiling all the way to the Bank for the last nine (9) months. (Read more)



Mr. Rushern Baker –The all powerful current County Executive for Prince George’s County is known not to be a man of his word according to Prince George’s County NAACP Chapter. He makes promises he cannot keep and is deeply involved in the scandal comprising Dr. kevin Maxwell.  (Read more Major scandal Developing in Upper Marlboro).

Where are the citizens of Prince George’s County! We need to stand up for our rights and demand to have a say on how our hard earned cash is spent. Let Mr. Rushern Baker use his own money to party like there is “NO” 1999. Enough is enough. What does it take for the honorable citizens of this county to rise and demand an end to this rot.

In general there is a saying ” people get the governance they deserve”. Surely we do not want this – at least that’s what we hope we all stand for.


The County Executive Rushern Baker can do better than running around


Read more – >>Major scandal Developing in Upper Marlboro.


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