What’s behind the corruption in Prince George’s County?

In part, residents’ apathy.


What’s the matter with Prince George’s County?

The above question was paused incessantly to the County residents in 2010 and it continues to be relevant today. Ever since the FBI arrested then-County Executive Jack B. Johnson along with his wife, Leslie, who famously had almost $80,000 stuffed in her bra when the feds came calling, many leaders appears not to have learned from this episode and continues the status quo to the detriment of the county citizens.

There is no doubt plenty has been said on the subject, with speculation trained on the coziness of politicians and developers; the pay-to-play tactics of the County Council; the habitual cronyism of elected officials; and the stupidity of the Johnsons themselves who apologized for their bad behavior.

Here’s what’s missing from those diagnoses: the staggering apathy of Prince George’s County residents. The problem wasn’t just that sleaze was tolerated but also that everyone knew about it, or could have known, and relatively few cared. >>> Read more from the analysis of Washington post. Ideas which are still relevant today.


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