Dr. Arbogast, Chief Academic Affairs Officer Resigns.


Dr. Arbogast Current Chief Academic Affairs Officer

Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) will be searching to fill another top administrative post after Chief Academic Affairs Officer Dr. Duane Arbogast leaves the School District shortly.

Reform Sasscer Movement has confirmed Dr. Arbogast’s departure through official communications recently in an email.  In the communication, We have an understanding Dr. Arbogast will be moving to work for the not-for-profit foundation. He is grateful for the opportunity afforded to him to work in our wonderful Prince George’s County district and he truly appreciated the support he received from the professional staff and the community.

After Dr. William Hite Jr left the Prince George’s County school District, Dr. Arbogast, and Ms. Monica Goldson, the then assistant superintendent of the high school consortium, shared some of the responsibilities that were handled by Hite’s second-in-command.

Arbogast was named acting deputy superintendent for academics. He was responsible for the management and coordination of school performance, curriculum and instruction, special education, testing, and state and federal programs. He came to Prince George’s from Anne Arundel County, where he worked for 32 years, serving as a teacher, assistant principal, principal and senior manager of academic accountability.

The Chief Academic Office’s primary responsibility is to support the school system’s mission by providing system-wide leadership and co-ordination for the instructional programs of Prince George’s County Public Schools, as well as providing instructional resources and technical assistance. – See more at: http://www1.pgcps.org/curriculum/#sthash.aOJsoKQv.dpuf

Reform Sasscer Movement wishes him well in his new endeavors.

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