January, 23, 2014 Board of Education Meeting

… in which a school property was transferred to the County Government under dubious circumstances.

The discussion concerning the transfer of the school property illegally to the County government and ultimately to the Casino begins at 1h16m20s in the above video. Click the highlighted link to go straight to the discussion and make your own assessments. Ms. Monica Goldson highlighted in the same clip is involved in several dubious transactions in which millions of tax payer dollars have disappeared.  >>> 1h16m20s

Amidist the plethora of challenges, it is our humble opinion that PG county Government and Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS)  is at a crossroads. We have reached a critical tipping point, hence our decision to expose this issue and other critical factors that continue to affect our county.

Call your elected officials now and the media. Demand investigations and initiation of changes… There is no smoke without fire!!






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