tough questions on charter schools

Are they helping or hurting?


Donna Montgomery, chief executive officer at Options Public Charter School, arrives at the school.

A senior official at the D.C. Public Charter School Board allegedly received $150,000 to help the former managers of Options Public Charter School evade oversight and take millions of taxpayer dollars for themselves, according to a new court document.

Jeremy L. Williams was the chief financial officer at the D.C. Public Charter School Board, responsible for monitoring the business practices of the city’s fast-growing charter schools. But at the same time he was entrusted with rooting out financial wrongdoing, he also allegedly joined in, according to the document. >>>Read More WashPost


four-tough-questions-about-charter-schools >>> Read More Washington Post

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  1. I have yet to see a credible study that shows any inherent benefit from Charter Schools. There are some good ones, for sure, but I believe that has more to do with individuals than it does with any particular characteristic about Charters in general.


  2. My oldest two went to a charter school for three years. As a former teacher, I was thrilled with the principal, the teachers, and the curriculum. It’s been ten years since that charter school opened, and now it’s rated sub-par. The principal is no longer there, and I believe she was the leader that brought it all together.


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