Teacher slams scripted Common Core lessons…

…that must be taught ‘word for word’


A public school teacher in Delaware wrote the following moving piece but asked not to be identified out of fear of retaliation. It explains what is happening to many teachers who are being given scripted lessons  aligned to the Common Core State Standards by their principals and district superintendents.  Note that this teacher is not opposed to standards. It’s an important point, as critics of the Common Core’s implementation in many school districts have been accused of being opposed to standards and wanting to keep the “status quo.”

Here is the teacher’s piece: >>> Read More Washington Post >>> See video  >>> Read the Blaze >> TheBlaze



Here in Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS), Common Core lessons are being pushed down the throats of educators without proper consultations and preparations. Many teachers are actually saying– they are being asked to teach a curriculum that is incomplete, using materials that are not age or reading-level appropriate and are being “encouraged” to fill in the gaps—while they run a classroom.  It’s important to remember that, the teachers’ evaluations in 2014 will be based upon the MSA test scores from this coming March (2014). The MSA test does not match the new common core curriculum. It would be like studying history of France then having to take a test on the history of the US.

Rather than rush the process, Teachers need at least 2-3 years to adapt to the new standards, align new curricula with these standards, and then the state can give the new assessments that align with the Common Core standards. These rushed scenarios are wrong and completely inappropriate.

It’s important to note that,  when CEO Kevin Maxwell heard of a grievance having been filed in Baltimore County Public Schools by the union there, He quickly emailed the attached document to circumvent any possibility of unfair treatment of the PG County educators by the PGCPS Management; In our own considered opinion, we have reviewed the documentation submitted and we have detected numerous prima facie anomalies in the process contrary to laws of the land.

Rather than work with people, changes which we advocated for are not being done and problems are being covered up. Clearly, this is not the Prince George’s County which is in harmony with itself. Everyone in PGCPS District knows the unions are in bed with the management.  (Read more) So why did CEO Maxwell make it so obvious by summoning Mr. Kenneth Haines who is leaving at the end of his term in 2014 and is term limited? Below is the questionable letter.

The superintendent and head of PGCEA sent this to teachers on Monday:

TO: All Teachers

FROM: Kevin M Maxwell, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer
November 25, 2013
Kevin M. Maxwell, Ph.D
Chief Executive Officer
Kenneth Haines, President
Prince George’s County Educators’ Association (PGCEA)

RE: Teacher Evaluations 

First, I would like to personally thank each one of you for the immeasurable effort you put into educating the children in our district each and every day; it is both appreciated and important. I would also like to thank PGCEA for their support and collaboration in creating the new teacher evaluation process. Thus Mr. Kenneth Haines, PGCEA President, joins me in sending out this memorandum. The purpose of this communication is to clarify the professional practice component of the new evaluation process and provide the new forms that will be used for teacher evaluations.

In our new teacher evaluation model a large portion of all teachers’ professional practice rating will be based on the formal Framework for Teaching observations. A smaller portion of the professional practice rating will be based on data from two other multiple measures:
· A student perception survey based on a teacher’s classroom environment
· Component 4E in Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument on professional growth
The data provided from these sources will provide valuable information to support a teacher’s professional growth.
Attached to this document are copies of the new interim and final evaluation instruments. Please review these documents carefully. They will be utilized for interim evaluations for select teachers, and final evaluations for all on-cycle professional practice teachers being evaluated using student growth during the 2013-2014 school year.

It is important to note that both Ken and I recognize the enormous magnitude of this change not only for Prince George’s County but for the entire state. Our joint commitment between our organizations is to continue to review our work, each and every document and process, to ensure validity and reliability. If changes or adjustments need to be made along the way we will not hesitate to review those concerns mutually to ensure that we have developed the best possible model.

As a final note, we know you may have questions related to the new evaluation model and its implementation. Comprehensive information regarding evaluations is available in the new Teacher Evaluation Handbook which, along with other valuable information, is posted on the Staff and Educator Effectiveness Delivering Student Success (SEEDS) website at http://www1.pgcps.org/seeds/. In addition, you can email questions directly to the Employee Performance and Evaluation Office at teacher.evaluation@pgcps.org. Again I would like to personally thank you for your dedication to our students, and your efforts on their behalf.

KMM: whr Attachments
cc: Monique Davis, Ed.D
Mr. Robert J. Gaskin
Mr. William H. Ryan Associate Superintendents Instructional Directors School-Based Administrators



Call your elected officials now and the media. Demand investigations and initiation of changes… There is no smoke without fire!!


Dr. Maxwell was appointed to right wrongs but very little appears done to fix issues.


In our opinion, We aver and therefore believe Maryland State Board of Education President Dr. Charlene Dukes shown here has demonstrated a culture of corrupt leadership style and continues “an integrated pattern of pay to play” and manipulation during her tenure. Both leaders need to resign to create room for new leadership.


Dr. Lillian Lowery Embattled State Superintendent is currently presiding over deep-seated corruption in Maryland school system. She has demonstrated a culture of discrimination and racism while on the job.


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