Update:Ms. Shilling went to Jail on Sept. 7, 2012.

Ms. Synthia Shilling aka Kucner the former Chief Human Resources Officer  reported to Anne Arundel County Detention Center on September 7, 2012 to serve time for her bad behavior.  Ms. Shilling who pled guilty for driving under the influence,  spent 3 days and will spent the rest her 58 days of suspended jail time at home. She also faces one (1) year probation.  Ms. Shilling who has had a history of other offences dating back to 1980’s cried like a baby in the court room on August 27, 2012. In order to get a lesser sentence, she told the judge about her father who passed away a week earlier. But the Maryland judge did not want to hear it because she has had four drunk driving records.  As we have said before, the legal department led by Mr. Roger Thomas and previously deputized by Synthia Shilling is truly the epic center for corruption in the whole of PGCPS.   Stay tuned here, we will bring you more updates as the story develops.

(Read more) concerning disgraced Dr. William Hite who resigned this summer and who nominated nefarious chief and others who tried to destroy our school system for their own selfish motives.  Without mentioning names  “these fake and hypocritical reformists who use empty rhetoric to woo votes but do not care about the true taste of our county school system must be rejected on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 election. It’s time!

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  1. Internal PGCPS documents list “Kathy Jones” as the Director of Employee & Labor Relations even though James R. Whattam, Esq. is referred to as the Director of Employee & Labor Relations. Mr. Whattam is also affiliated with the Office of General Counsel, and someone should find out exactly how many titles Mr. Whattam has, ASAP, since the unlawful personnel practices perpetrated by PGCPS have been going on for a long, long time.


  2. Please look into the incompetent Purchasing Director Matt Stanski hired. When is buyer for an assistant living facilty equal to managing a public sector position where millions of public dollars are at stake


  3. Friday’s are typically slow news days and today (9/28/12) schools are closed for students, but WTOP radio announced that General Counsel Roger C. Thomas and Chief Financial Officer Matthew Stanski have been fired for cutting a 6-figure check to Synthia J. Shilling (Kucner) without authorization. It is finally being brought to light the crookedness and corruption and greed of those who have blatantly abused their power and positions.


      • If James R. Whattam was involved in the (expensive) H1B-teacher fiasco or the misappropriation of funds—in any way—then the interim Superintendent, the BOE, as well as the Ethics Committee should determine whether Mr. Whattam should remain in his position.


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