Daily fights and bullying in many schools within PGCPS system is a clear demonstration of Dr. william  Hite’s failed leadership. Click some of the highlights below to view for yourselves. Many PG citizens are not aware of these many brutal fights affecting citizens and there are more.  Students and staff are hurting and getting a very bad deal under superintendent William Hite who drives around in a white SUV at the expense of the PG residents deserve zero of these benefits.

We need to create a safe and orderly environment for our students and staff in the PGCPS schools. Furthermore, we should restore the “Children come first” motto before electing a new Supritendent.  Dr. William Hite Jr should resign immediately without delay.  (William Hite Jr  EdD is pictured below).  Sign the petition~> Here

  1. Largo High Fight
  2. – Largo High Fights
  3. – Bladensburg High Fight
  4. -Parkdale  High fight
  5. – Parkdale  High fight
  6. – Parkdale  High fight
  7. -High Point High fights
  8. -High Point food fight
  9. -High Point High fights
  10. -Friendly High Fight
  11.  – Drew Freeman Fight
  12. Middle fight

Sign the petition here~>

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