Council member: Largo High principal should be fired


Council member Mary A. Lehman (D-Laurel). Champion of the people

A Prince George’s County Council member is calling on Schools Chief Kevin M. Maxwell to fire a high school principal at the center of two discrimination cases that were recently settled.

Council member Mary A. Lehman (D-Laurel) said she is “appalled by the school system’s defense of the pattern of blatantly racist behavior by the principal of Largo High School.”

Lehman said in a letter to Maxwell and Deputy Superintendent Monique Davis that the principal, Angelique Simpson-Marcus, should be removed from her job for the way she has treated former employees. The letter was e-mailed Thursday.

Max Pugh, a spokesman for the school system, said he could not confirm that Maxwell and Davis had received the letter but said, “We welcome the dialogue with legislators and our stakeholders, and we’ll prepare appropriate responses.”

Over the past month, one discrimination case went to trial and another was resolved before its court date. >>> Read more Washington Post 

Call your elected officials now and the media. Let us demand an end to this corruption currently in progress in Prince George’s County.





Prince George’s County school board chairman Segun Eubanks (Brother in Law to Mr. Rushern Baker) listens to parents and staff speak. He has demonstrated poor leadership skills and continuation of status quo after he has chosen to look the other way around rather than find proper solutions to problems including settling cases affecting the racist Prince George’s County system. Racism is not cool. Do you think racism is cool?

Many of us think that whenever you have a significant number of staff and teachers saying the same thing – there’s something to it. We do not know what, of course – but you just don’t get that many people independently agreeing on a person’s behavior without that person having done something to merit it. Mostly because these people have everything to lose and nothing to gain by accusing the principal of bullying – why would they do it unless there was some truth to it.

Regardless of if the allegations of the current administration who appear more keen to cover up rather than fix the issues. The principal is still at the school despite one court finding them true and several other suits pending. A true educator is not in it for the fame or glory or money (as there are none of those things in education. You can take it to the bank. They are in it to benefit the children and to help guide them into adulthood, especially at the high school level.     If Simpson-Marcus was teaching elementary school, or perhaps even middle school where kids are not typically aware of the bigger things in the world, then there may be some way to stay on the job despite allegations, despite the lawsuit she lost. But as a high school principal, she knows her students know about the cases. Twenty three cases were originally filed. Some of them touches on the union’s lack of representation. Others touches on ASASP Union and the role it has been manipulated to protect bad principals. In any case, Simpson Marcus has become a distraction to her students and to her supposed duty as an educator to help them learn and grow. The goes to Principal Dwayne Jones of Laurel High schools (President of ASASP) involved in the same thing. Given that, the fact that Simpson Marcus and Dwayne Jones have declined to step down, or even sought to transfer to another school, tells us that they are failure as educators and as a leaders, and that they care far more for themselves and their career than for the children in their charge. And that isn’t the type of leaders we would want influencing our children in the critical high school years.

Prince George’s County Government is plagued with reverse or minority (non-black) discrimination. There is also black on black racism as experienced by Tracy Allison, Dr. Ruth Johnson and others. Many of us have first-hand experience with discrimination at PGCPS and had to file EEOC complaints with the Prince George’s County Government. All in all, there is no one looking out for the other minorities. Just look at what they have done recently to Filipinos, Africans, Hispanics and other minorities.

Elevation of Dr. Kevin Maxwell as know it (new Super) was to try and clean house. We don’t know happened. But one thing for sure is that, Legal department and Human Resources are now an extension of Thatcher Law Firm and Monica Goldson. Mr. James Fisher a former employee of Thatcher Law firm and Shani K. Whisonant involved in a number of questionable activities leave a lot to be desired.  

By the way, PGCPS teachers and support staff do not have a union. They have a worthless association (PGCEA) and ACE-AFSCME Local 2250. These two plus ASASP union are in bed with the PGCPS Admin and Board of Education which is an Association rather than a Board. It has now become an extension of Mr. Rushern Baker lately.


Cell Phone Towers Continue To Cause Concerns.

cell tower fig3

Multitude of antennae atop the tower emits
pulsing microwaves.
While plans to place cell phone towers continue to move forward, parents and activists say they think the company building the towers needs to file for a special exception because it will make more than four maintenance visits a year.

“It’s simple math,” said Thea Scarato, a Greenbelt resident and parent of two children in PGCPS. “There are going to be more than four visits. It should need a special exception.”

In a previous report by The Sentinel, county planning department officials said the cell phone tower applications do not need a special exception because the towers will only be 151 feet high—lower than the county’s zoning ordinance requirement limitation of 199 feet. However, according to Scarato, cell phone tower applications should go through a process to get a special exception because there will be at least four maintenance site visits per year, according to the leasing agreement between Prince George’s County Public Schools and Milestone Communications.

“Lessee agrees that it will inspect the Leased Premises and the Base Station no less frequently than once every three months,” according to a copy of the leasing agreement obtained by The Sentinel.

According to the section 27-445.04 of the county’s zoning ordinance states: “The building or enclosure shall be unmanned, with infrequent (4 or fewer per year) visits by maintenance personnel and with access and parking for no more than 1 vehicle.”

“In Montgomery County, cell towers go through the special exception process when criteria is met,” Scarato said. “So why is Prince Georges County failing to follow its own code that dictates the same process?” >>> Read more Prince George’s County Sentinel.




Prince George’s County school board chairman Segun Eubanks (Brother in Law to Mr. Rushern Baker) listens to parents and staff speak. Self-dealing, misuse of state and federal money meant for the neediest students has become a major concern under Segun Eubanks. Just recently, many additional allegations of wrongdoing have surfaced. Current and Former teachers at the Prince George’s County public schools testified before the Federal Judge in Greenbelt, allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, tampering of data, rewarding of high salaries to connected friends and racism.

Tracy Allison civil case settled.

…2nd discrimination case involving Largo High School principal.


A discrimination lawsuit that pitted a former Maryland school secretary against her principal — and included allegations that the head of Largo High School bullied her staff — was settled Tuesday just as it was about to go to trial in federal court.

Max Pugh, a spokesman for the school system, said Tuesday that the school board and Tracy Allison, who worked at Largo High School until 2010, “have resolved the matter.”

U.S. District Court Judge Peter J. Messitte said both parties contacted his office to say that the case was settled prior to trial, which had been scheduled to begin in Greenbelt this week. There will be no further legal action in the case, Messitte said.

Pugh and Messitte declined to comment on the settlement amount. Allison and her attorney, Neil Lebowitz, did not respond to phone calls seeking comment.

Allison was one of several former employees who accused Largo High School Principal Angelique Simpson-Marcus of belittling and berating staff members, deriding teachers and secretaries, and making inappropriate comments about white teachers. The former employees alleged that Simpson-Marcus had retaliated against them after they reported her actions to supervisors. >>> Read more Washington Post  >>>Read our earlier coverage in our blogs. >>>See Order of the Court.


Prince George’s County school board chairman Segun Eubanks (Brother in law to Rushern Baker) seen here pondering at MABE workshop with a cup to his mouth. Segun has demonstrated poor leadership skills and continuation of the status quo after he chose to ignore Union grievances and cases filed with the courts by victims. Negotiating settlements quickly with grieved employees victimized by the racist Prince George’s County system is the way to go. Additionally, issues raised needs to be addressed to avoid a repeat of the same.  Principals and other administrators who have caused the county to incur a huge legal expense needs to be reassigned or fired.




Rot at Upper Marlboro.


Mr. Rushern Baker –The current County Executive for Prince George’s County is known not to be a man of his word according to Prince George’s County NAACP Chapter and is deeply involved in the scandal comprising Dr. kevin Maxwell 

Something is just NOT alright in Rushern Baker administration. The smell is getting bigger by the day but where are the damage control experts? At the beginning, We were among the staunchest defenders and believers in Rushern Baker Government, so we fought off the propaganda from opponents in the blogs. We did so because, like any human beings, we did not want to appear we made a wrong choice to vote for Rushern Baker administration. However, there are so many scandals which keep on creeping up day in and day out as a result of poor leadership within the county under Mr. Rushern Baker’s watch or guidance that it is not funny anymore.

Many Home owners associations in Prince George’s County are increasingly speaking up against corruption especially about the pay increase involving Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker and the County council among a host of serious issues of concern to the residents of the county. Many homeowners are arguing their members to stand firm and vote against the proposed raise for Mr. Baker and the county council come November 4, 2014 General election.

Here is one such letter that Mr. William H. Cavitt, President of The Indian Head Highway Area Action Council (IHHAAC), Inc, wrote to the County Council and County Executive Baker, posted on Facebook to the parents and citizens of Prince George’s County and their friends, detailing the problem.  He explains why we should not support such a negative agenda meant to deceive and mislead the county residents for personal gain of a few individuals.

Mr. William H. Cavitt, is getting a lot of support in the social media. Hundreds of parents and other county residents have expressed support on social media for Mr. Cavitt and others involved in this advisory.” Here is the letter.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: IHHAAC Board <ihhaac.board@…>
Date: Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 9:03 AM
Subject: IHHAAC Editorial re Salary Increases and Term Limits
To: IHHAAC Board <ihhaac.board@…>
Cc: CM Andrea Harrison <councildistrict5@…>, CM Derrick Leon Davis <CouncilDistrict6@…>, CM Eric Olson <EOlson@…>, CM Ingrid M Turner <IMTurner@…>, CM Karen R Toles <KRToles@…>, “CM Mary A. Lehman” <MALehman@…>, CM Mel Franklin <MFranklin@…>, CM Obie Patterson <OPatterson@…>, CM Will Campos <WACampos@…>, “Rushern L. Baker, III” <countyexecutive@…>



 If it looks bad, does it necessarily follow that it is bad?

If it smells bad, should it be thrown out?

The salaries of the Prince George’s County Executive and the nine Members of the County Council are in-line with surrounding jurisdictions, yet significant raises (CB-68-2014) are proposed for/by both. Hmm. What ever happened to those $100+ million budget deficits each of the past four years which have ‘required’ cutting library hours and other programs important to Prince Georgians to balance the budget? What further cuts to County programs will be required to balance the FY2016 budget and pay for these pay increases?

With no meaningful Republican or other opposition, the ‘real’ election in Prince George’s County is the Primary: get past that and you are home free because the General Election is a mere formality. Further, once any threat of Primary opposition is past, then County politicians not only move to extend their terms in office from eight to twelve years but also to raise their salaries. Wow. Nice work if you can get it.

When challenged on these self-serving term-limit and salary measures, with wide-eyed wonderment they point to ‘independent’ Commissions which recommended the changes: it wasn’t us, it was them. What a surprise: the not-so-independent members of the commissions did precisely what they were appointed to do, recommend increased term limits and pay raises.

The chutzpah is breath-taking. Worse, the politicians apparently consider the voters to be such chumps that we won’t notice, or won’t care, or pols will be pols. With no meaningful opposition in November, the candidates will get elected and re-elected by default. There is no risk of an electoral penalty. But it looks bad and smells to high heaven.


Box Score

Get reelected without opposition:

Extend term limits from 8 to 12 years:

Increase salaries:

Gawd I love this County!


Oppose CB-68-2014 Salary Increases


Vote NO on Question J on November Ballot

William H. Cavitt, President
P.O. Box 44013
Fort Washington, MD 20749


“In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (December 1948) in most solemn form, the dignity of a person is acknowledged to all human beings; and as a consequence there is proclaimed, as a fundamental right, the right of free movement in search for truth and in the attainment of moral good and of justice, and also the right to a dignified life.”

Pope John XXIII, 1881-1963 Pacem in Terris, 1963


Maryland principal accused of bullying members of her staff.


Angelique Simpson-Marcus, Ed.D.

When a Prince George’s County high school launched an anti-bullying campaign four years ago, students pledged to support anyone being harassed, to report instances of bullying and to treat others with respect.

But former Largo High School employees allege that while the students were learning how to create a friendly environment, one of the worst bullies was the school’s principal.

In interviews and in legal actions filed against Principal Angelique Simpson-Marcus, the former employees said that Simpson-Marcus routinely belittled and berated staff, derided teachers and secretaries and made inappropriate comments about white teachers. Simpson-Marcus, who is black, continues to run the 1,100-student school in Upper Marlboro.

The Board of Education defends Simpson-Marcus as an effective school leader, a school system spokeswoman said.

The alleged ill treatment at the school has resulted in multiple lawsuits against the Prince George’s school system. One discrimination case was decided last month when a U.S. District Court jury awarded a former English teacher $350,000. Another lawsuit is slated to begin Tuesday and a third is pending.

 Several black teachers said they were told by Simpson-Marcus not to associate with the white teacher, Jon Everhart. When they did, they said, they also became targets. >>> Read more Washington Post
Prince George’s County school board chairman Segun Eubanks (Brother in Law to Mr. Rushern Baker) listens to parents and staff speak. He has demonstrated poor leadership skills and continuation of status quo after he has chosen to look the other way around rather than find proper solutions to problems including settling cases affecting the racist Prince George’s County system. Racism is not cool. Do you think racism is cool?

Prince George’s to hold free student immunization clinics Saturday.


The Prince George’s County School System is making a final push for students who have not received the new required immunizations to get their shots before Tuesday’s deadline.

The school district will offer free immunization clinics on Saturday at four schools. Health professionals will be on hand at Bladensburg, Fairmont Heights, Northwestern and Oxon Hill high schools to provide the immunizations. The clinics will be open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Nearly 20,000 kindergartners and seventh-graders in the county were required to have the vaccinations before school started this year. Max Pugh, a spokesman for the school system, would not comment on how many of the students have not met the requirement so far and are at risk of being unable to attend school.

“We are seeing a great deal of activity with sign-ups for appointments at local clinics and are anticipating a good turnout this Saturday,” Pugh said. “At this point, the number of impacted students is changing constantly, and we do not wish to provide an inaccurate count.” Read more >>> Washington Post




Prince George’s County school board chairman Segun Eubanks (Brother in Law to Mr. Rushern Baker) listens to parents and staff speak. He has demonstrated poor leadership skills and continuation of status quo after he has chosen to look the other way around rather than find proper solutions to problems including settling cases affecting the racist Prince George’s County system. Racism is not cool. Do you think racism is cool?